MAS Tarbiya Program

Tarbiya aims at rooting the faith, purifying the soul, expanding and refining knowledge/understanding, developing and refining all aspects of character, boosting commitment, building skills, and instilling the discipline necessary to conduct a successful, fulfilling, meaningful, and balanced life of learning, virtue, commitment, and service of Islam and humanity. Tarbiya aims at instilling the passion to worship…the desire to serve…the drive to learn, grow, and excel…the skills/character to lead…the discipline of teamwork…a burning sense of mission…an encompassing sense of responsibility MAS’s vision is that individual bring about real change in a society and therefore moving them towards the goal of constant self-development and the development of those around them is absolutely essential. Tarbiya is a life-long process for change; this change starts with every individual and extends to the whole society. We aspire to raise a generation of committed and disciplined American Muslims who are living example of the message of Islam. The MAS Tarbiya Program offers a comprehensive application of Islam and a continuous and comprehensive process for the development of the Muslim personality based on five essential qualities as described below:

Islamically-oriented (Devout Muslim)

Individuals who understand the goal of their existence, aim to please Allah, seek His guidance, live the comprehensive meaning of worship, and embody the qualities of sincere, dedicated Muslims.

Agent of Change (Action-Orientation)

Self-motivated individuals who put their beliefs and thoughts into actions; proactively seek ways to improve themselves and impact others around them.

Bearers of the message

Individuals devoted to Islam’s mission through the deep understanding of its highest ideals, objectives, and intents (Arabic: Al-maqaasid), and committed to being part of an organized, disciplined grass-root movement.

Exemplary Citizen

Individuals who love their country, strive to uphold its best ideals, values, and principles (freedom, justice, equality, rule of law, and individual rights as enshrined in the constitution), and are dedicated to serve fellow citizens and seek the country’s betterment.

Life-long Learner

Individuals who have a strong passion for knowledge and learning; their thoughts, beliefs, behavior, and actions are based on a continuous pursuit of knowledge. In particular, individuals who have strong literacy in core Islamic sciences and pursue knowledge in all aspects of life (self-development, raising a family, civic engagement, non-profit management, individual profession etc.)

MAS Core Values & Principles

Our values are deeply rooted in our Islamic identity. Our Mission, Vision, Values and Beliefs help define the character of our organization. Our values expand on our Mission and help us define our priorities.

Godliness (Rabbaniyyah)

Ours is a purely Islamic movement, in every sense of the word. We strive to understand Islam according to the Qur’an and the teachings of the Messenger of Allah (May Allah bestow upon him His blessings and peace). We endeavor to practice the teachings of Islam with integrity and sincerity in our private lives and in our collective work. We advocate the values and principles of Islam for the benefit of all people.

Just Balance (Wasatiyyah)

Islam is rightly balanced as revealed by Allah and as practiced by the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him). We adhere to the balanced understanding and application of Islam as practiced by the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him), and as revived in the understanding and the methodology of Imam Hassan Al Banna.

Comprehensiveness (Shumooliyyah)

Islam is universal and comprehensive in its scope, and gradual in its approach. While every area of Islamic work is within our scope, we focus on our priorities. Our main priority is to serve in the United States where we can be most effective.

Positive Citizenship

A heart that is God-conscious is full of compassion; we care for all people, Muslims and people of other faiths. We are full participants in the dynamics of our American society where we positively contribute. We work together to serve our community, our country and all of mankind; we serve the Creator by serving His creation.