Public Affairs & Civic Engagement

The Public Affairs & Civic Engagement department (PACE) is a division of the Muslim American Society (MAS) organized as a civic and educational organization. Its primary purpose is to conduct public relations, educate and mobilize the American Muslim community to participate in public affairs and civic activities on a non-partisan basis, and to energize a new generation of community activists.

MAS-PACE is a national grassroots American Muslim advocacy organization involved in the public affairs of the larger American society. MAS-PACE objective is to connect the American Muslim community with the society at large through a comprehensive empowerment process which includes public relations, civic engagement, political involvement, interfaith collaboration, coalition building, and media outreach with the ultimate objective of institutionalizing the civic engagement activities throughout the American Muslim community and within MAS local chapters.

MAS-PACE, through its organizational activities, contributes to the promotion of peace and social justice. It seeks to activate a new generation of community activists and an involved citizenry which will contribute to the advancement of society, both in the United States and the world, as impacted by our nation and guided by Islamic values and beliefs.

Activities & Focus Areas

  • Public relations
  • Civic education and engagement
  • Political involvement and participation
  • Public policy alignment and advocacy Coalition and alliance building
  • Interfaith outreach and collaboration
  • Youth leadership development and mentoring Media relations
  • National and International conferences Workshop and training forums

Signature Projects

Organize, Energize, and Mobilize (OEM) Project

This project mobilizes the community towards civic engagement with the society at large by building coalitions and join forces with the civic organizations to promote and advocate public policies addressing social and economic justice on state and federal levels such as healthcare, affordable housing, education, unemployment, gun violence, public safety and disaster responsiveness, etc.

My Vote My Voice – The Power of 2 (MV2)

This project is designed to promote good citizenship through political education, training, and non-partisan electoral involvement. Through the centers, My Vote My Voice (MV2) campaign’s emphasis is placed on voter registration, education, and mobilization.

The Center for Interfaith Affairs (CFIFA)

This project provides an avenue through which the American Muslim community engages with the interfaith community in striving to promote the values of respect and understanding between religious and ethnic groups through dialogue and joint project initiatives that will reinforce religious freedom, mutual respect, and acceptance, and working for the common good.

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