Saturday, April 9, 2016
Know Your Muslim Neighbor
Location: Riverview Public Library, 14300 Sibley Road, Riverview, MI 48193
Time: 1 PM - 5 PM
In co-operation with:
Rochester Hills
Rochester Hills Public Library
Jan. 16, 2016
Canton Public Library
Feb. 27, 2016

Riverview library event encourages area residents to get to
know their Muslim neighbors

Friday, March 25, 2016

By Jim Kasuba

America has a reputation as a great melting pot.

While people from various cultures and ethnic backgrounds often live near each other, they don’t always maintain
strong lines of communication.

Muslims, in particular, are making an effort to reach out to their neighbors to allay fears about radicalized Muslims
often associated with terrorism, and to clear up misconceptions about their beliefs and customs.

One event that looks to break down cultural barriers and open up a dialog is coming to the Riverview Public Library to
offer a way to communicate with Downriver Muslims.
“Know Your Muslim Neighbor” is billed as a family-friendly event where local communities can come together in a
celebration of diversity and unity.

The Riverview event takes place from 1 to 5 p.m. April 9.

Riverview librarian Kirk Borger said he found out about the program through libraries in the northern and western
suburbs and wanted to bring it Downriver.

“Canton Public Library and Rochester Hills Public Library both have had this program,” Borger said. “I came across it
speaking with the library director from Canton, Eva Davis, and she gave me the information of who to contact.”

Plans call for the Riverview program to have four tables and/or stations with easel displays. Organizers will give a
brief talk, 10 minutes or less, on top of the hour to discuss two to three of the displayed topics and have a question-
and-answer session.

There also will be a coffee and international delicacies table at the door for welcoming people to the event.
The tables and what they will offer are:

● Islamic arts and culture: Henna hand painting, calligraphy (write your name in Arabic style), and coloring Islamic
arts for kids.

● Islamic history in the United States: How old is Islam in the USA?, Muslims and the Civil War, Support for abolition
from unexpected quarters, Muslims and the American Revolution, and first country to recognize a newborn USA.

● Women in Islam: Misconception about women’s rights in Islam, What is Hijab?, Try a Hijab and Take a Selfie
wearing Hijab.

● Islam 101: Whom do Muslims Worship?, Is Allah a Different God?, and Five Pillars of Islam.

The Riverview Public Library is at 14300 Sibley Road. The phone number is 734-283-1250.

The KYMN website states that these public events provide an opportunity to meet new people, try new experiences,
taste new food and enjoy conversation with local Muslims.

The event is done in cooperation with the Muslim American Society, the Islamic Association of Greater Detroit, the
Muslim Community of the Western Suburbs, and partners at local public libraries.

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